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MergeVR: World’s most comfortable virtual reality headset is now in Singapore

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Made from neither cardboard nor plastic, Merge VR headset sculpted of marshmallow-soft, lightweight flexible foam that fits comfortably to the contours of every face. There are no hard plastic parts that can press against your face and detract from the VR experience. It just feels great against your skin.

The most comfortable VR headset that world has ever seen – that’s how Merge VR represents its product.

The soft material makes it impossible to break, and your phone inside this goggles is very well protected from any accidental drops. As well as from deliberate: it survived a drop from 8 stories 

 So really there’s nothing to worry about when tossing it into the backpack on the go.

Designed in USA, Merge headsets became widely popular in States and all across the Europe with thousands reviews and crash tests in social media and on YouTube. But on Singapore market it only appeared a week ago, available now for purchase at Toy Tag shop in HarbourFront Centre and here online.

Two MergeVR representatives flew all over the globe to Singapore to introduce us some of the key headset features.

“Durable, comfy and hygienic. See how it’s easy to clean,” says Dan Worden wiping the headset with a pocket wet tissue and leaving no visible marks on its smooth surface. “Great for classrooms, conventions and parties with many people to try it out and share a VR experience. You wipe it, and you share it. Otherwise you’d share not the VR only, haha!”

Adjustable 42mm lenses and 96 degrees field of view, same with the Samsung Gear VR, works great even for those who wear glasses. The Merge VR headset has an optimized air flow though ventilation channels, so your lenses stay clear while your phone dissipates heat.

Another key Merge VR goggles feature is its unique input system using both left and right buttons that allow you to perform two different actions at once. Perfect for games where you run and jump or steer left and right. No need for a separate dedicated controller!

“And here is one more our feature. You see this removable pop-up window for the phone camera access? Merge is not only 360 video goggles and VR headset, it also allows you an access for augmented reality and vision-enabled apps.” says Merge VR representative Dan Worden. “And off course it has a plug for your favorite pair of headphones.”

Would it work with your phone? Most probably! Check it out: the minimum size of the phone to use with a Merge VR headset is 123mm, and the maximum size is 158 mm.

Merge VR headset was parent tested and parent approved and recommended for ages from 14 and older. 

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