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​Best Ideas for Virtual Reality Christmas Gifts that you can buy in Singapore

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Have you already thought of your xmas gifts? Don’t put it on the long finger. Christmas Eve is coming to Singapore soon! This year was especially remarkable with cutting-edge VR technology leaped from humble VR glasses to the full virtual reality experience with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive came onto the marker.

So think big: what else would constitute a perfect Christmas gift if not a must-have modern VR headset?

And while Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are still quite steep in price and only coming to Singapore, there are many more other ways to experience the VR world on Christmas Eve.

Three VR Christmas presents that won’t break the bank

Pocket Homido VR glasses for only S$23 would become the most cunning way to avoid unnecessary expenses when it comes to the virtual reality Christmas gift. And even if your friend is an avid VR geek and already has one VR headset or two, this small and easily portable, foldable VR glasses apparently is just what he needs! Let him dip into a virtual reality world at any time and at any place, and he’d be grateful to you the whole coming 2017 year!

Google Cardboard headset is one more great choice when it comes to an innovative and budget Christmas VR presents. With the price ranges from S$25 to S$36 these VR glasses definitely won’t break the bank. Carefully made in Germany, Google Cardboard goggles offer good quality crystal clear lenses. And don’t be repelled by its cardboard material. This is a 1,5 mm natural coated sturdy stuff with a high quality finish and a full cellophane cover. Means no sweat marks, no accidental tearing. Your friend would enjoy this VR Christmas gift the all 2017 year long!

If you’re looking for something more significant than just a cardboard, pay attention to a  Silvertec VR Magic virtual reality glasses. With the cost of only S$39.9 it is indeed an enchantment find. Made from sturdy environmental material, it has memory foam and leather cushioning and big 33.5 mm aspherical optical resin lenses. No one would ever guess this glamour VR headset is actually you low-cost Christmas present discovery!

For those who’s ready to stretch their bank in a sake of a top-notch quality, we’d recommend to pay a closer attention to these leading world famous VR brands:  Carl Zeiss VRHomido VRSamsung Gear VR and Merge VR headsets. All these would magically transform a smartphone into a world of Virtual Reality. All are available in Singapore. And on top of all, Carl Zeiss VR and Homido VR have just released their new and even greater models. Hurry up to be among the first to buy! Price range S$109-S$219

Start your own 360-video production right on Christmas Eve!

360 camera is yet another great idea your VR appealed friend may become very excited about. And what may be a better Christmas present for a photographer if not a new spherical panorama camera?

A cute looking  Samsung Gear 360 camera is currently considered to be one of the best on the VR production market. It can capture a high resolution content, including time-lapse videos and looping videos, as well as massive 30MP images via sensors with fisheye lenses. Easy connectivity through WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC and expandable memory are among the Samsung 360 camera key features.

Besides, it will easily squeezed into a Christmas stocking. Just perfect high-class Christmas gift!

Gift-giving at an office Christmas party

It is an old tradition of companies in Singapore to arrange gift exchange on the last working day before Christmas. Many companies also prepare some special Christmas gifts for their clients. So, what would be the best present choice if not the so popular now VR headsets with your company logo? Such Christmas giveaway is easily affordable, especially when bought in bulk. In addition, it is a truly memorable and sophisticated way to impress your clients and employees. Something they would definitely remember!

Just bear in mind that production takes up to 4-5 weeks, means it’s time to order your customized Google Cardboards right now.

Smart last-minute Christmas gift ideas

Ordered online VR glasses would especially be your best choice if you’re looking for something at the last moment. And a perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of pre-Christmas shopping in Singapore enormous malls too! Getting a virtual reality headset online will only take a couple of minutes. Your VR Christmas present would be delivered right into your hands on the next day.

When purchase on vr1.com.sg you can even specify the time slot for your courier delivery that suits you the most. Such a convenient way of buying a smart Christmas Gifts!!!

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