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Samsung Gear VR vs. Zeiss VR One

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Virtual reality is back with some incredible VR headsets in development (and few already available on the market).

Having dozens of question from you, we decided to make a short comparison between most popular and high-end Virtual Reality headsets on the market: Zeiss VR One vs Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung Gear VR:

The Gear VR was created by Samsung in partnership with Oculus Rift exclusively for Samsung Galaxy smartphones (started from Note 4 and recently added Galaxy S6). The headset uses smartphone as its processor and display. The Galaxy handset simply slots in front of the lenses, into a Micro USB dock, and uses its Super AMOLED display as your screen.

Zeiss VR One:

Like the Samsung Gear VR, the power for this Zeiss branded headset comes from your smartphone. Unlike Samsung’s effort, however, you're not tied to just two mobiles with the Zeiss VR One; it will play ball with any iOS or Android handset between 4.7 and 5.2 inches.

Zeiss VR One packs with a media launcher that has links to more than TOP-25 available VR experiences (although you can browse on your own), Media launcher and an Augmented Reality app for augmented experiences. What's more, with lens mater Zeiss doing the optics, you will get best visual experience (Field of view is 100 degree, best available).

Below is a short feature comparisons between Zeiss VR One and Samsung Gear VR:

Headset Zeiss VR One Samsung Gear VR

zeiss vr one

Samsung Gear VR

Country of Origin Germany China
View Angle (FOV), degree 100 96
Dimensions, mm 185 x 100 x 142 196 x 98.5 x 82.8
Joystick Not included Included
Supported OS  iOS
Supported smartphones iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6,
 LG G3, Google Nexus 5, Huawei P8
HTC One M8 and new models are coming
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
 Galaxy S6
Apps available 150 + at Google Play

100 + at AppStore

20+ at internal library

(goes at 16GB SD card)

Carrying Case - +
MSRP Price 219 SGD 298 SGD


After testing both VR headsets for few hours, we can come out with next summary.

Zeiss VR One is a solid built headset with nice optics and can be used universally with most modern smartphones (both iOS and Android). In order to use different smartphone, you just need to use different tray (the list of trays are constantly updating, adding new smartphones). So you can have this headset as a family VR headset, that supports different phones and OS.

The biggest drawback of Zeiss VR One is that it does not have any joystick to control the experience (so it becomes more passive experience). From other side you can easily connect Play Station 3 Bluetooth joysticks (or any Bluetooth joysticks) or make DIY upgrade of VR One (here is the video how to do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq8EqW1xRBk .This tip to for Android only).

Samsung Gear VR is a good accessory for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4/S6 phones (in case you have one or having plans to buy).

The biggest drawback of Samsung Gear VR right now is that this headset is limited to two particular smartphones: Galaxy Note 4 & Galaxy S6. The hardware architecture is not universal and you will require new headset for new smartphone. Meaning it's a product that could become outdated in just a matter of months (when new Galaxy phone will be launched). Although the quality of in-built apps are great, the quantity and limited choice is the main problem.

There were few problems with Gear VR that we encountered, such as overheating and fogging lenses (check here how to solve them - http://www.gizmag.com/samsung-gear-vr-tips/35329/), so maybe that is why Samsung Gear VR is only showed without Gear VR cover, other way there could be some issues with performance.

Both models are already available for sale in Singapore and South-East Asia.

You are more than welcome to check information in other sources and please let us know your feedback.

Interesting article that also describes drawbacks of Gear VR - http://www.techrepublic.com/article/our-review-of-the-samsung-gear-vr-innovator-edition-for-s6-the-perfect-vr-intro-for-professionals/

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