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​Why do I need Virtual Reality (VR) Headset?

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Move your head. Look around. Embark on immersive 360-degree journeys exploring and learning about the world through stunning visuals. Take a virtual field trip to Paris and sit in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower as it soars above you. Visit historic Alcatraz Island and interact with your surroundings to discover fun facts. Travel through time and space in ways you never thought possible. Watch as the solar system comes to life on your kitchen table or share with a friend to view the constellations overhead.

HOW:  Download Google Cardboard app from AppStore/Google Play, among available features there would be Google Maps (available only for Android Version).

Alternatively put “London VR”, “Tokyo VR”, “UAE VR”, “Zeiss AR” etc into your search request @ Google Play/AppStore and enjoy the immersive experiences


How many times you looked at your travel pictures and wanted to return back to this particular moment the picture was made? Do you want to share not just the flat picture, but the whole immersive experience? 

HOW: You can take your own 360 degree photos with just one button click using Ricoh Theta M15 camera and instantly upload them to your smartphone or social networks, such as Facebook. Wear the Zeiss VR One Headset and you are fully immersed into the pictures. Move your head, look around - you are there!!!

A lot of 360 degree video are available at Google Youtube with hashtag #360degree. Some singers and bands (e.g. Linkin Park, Bjork already filming their clips in 360 degree and such clips are available online as well).


Games are the most popular category in Virtual Reality. You can kill zombie in 360 degree, fly the helicopter, play with dinosaurs etc. The good point is that every week there are more than 20 new VR Games launching.

HOW: Search Google Play or Apple Store putting “VR Games” into your search request. Alternatively you can try to search by developer, the biggest are “Google”, “Dive”, “Fibrum”.


You deserve a vacation! Experience a relaxing virtual vacation wherever your heart desires with Virtual Reality Headsets. Do you know that Virtual Reality for ages was used as meditation and relaxation tools in different industries, such as military, and medicine?

Guided VR Meditation takes relaxation to high-tech levels with the immersive experience of virtual reality. In the app, you can virtually travel to tranquil locales such as a flawless tropical beach, a mesmerizing Japanese koi pond, breathtaking canyons under an endless blue sky or an enchanting forest. A soothing voice offers guided meditations with breathing exercises to complete the journey to relaxation.

HOW: Search Google Play or Apple Store putting “VR Relax” or “VR Meditation”, "VR Guided Meditation" into your search. 


There a lot of Virtual Reality Headset at the market with the cost pretty much depended on the materials and lenses used. Starting from SGD30 for Google Cardboards to SGD219 for high-end Zeiss VR One made of high-quality plastic with high-end optics (using glass lenses).

As for apps, 90% of them are free of charge. There are some paid apps, but normally price for them is below 5 SGD. 

The Virtual Reality ecosystem is growing, with more and more applications becoming available every day.

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